allocatorAn allocator is a data structure that encapsulates memory management and performs memory allocations and deallocations.Programming
batchingA technique where many draw calls are combined into fewer draw calls.Graphics
big-endian architectureArchitecture used by the PowerPC CPU. In a big-endian system, the most-significant portion of the value is stored in the lowest memory storage address.System
binaryA binary file is a file stored in binary format. It is computer-readable but not human-readable.System
controlIn UI, any object that users can interact with.UI
cullingBack-face culling determines whether a polygon of a graphical object is visible.Graphics
dependency injectionA technique where one object supplies the dependencies of another object.Programming
depth buffer (z-buffer)Memory buffer that contains the depth (distance from the camera) information for a given frame on the video display.Graphics
Direct3DMicrosoft Direct3D is a 3D graphic API for Windows and Xbox systems.Graphics
DirectXMicrosoft DirectX is a set of APIs for accessing hardware features related to game and multimedia applications.System
draw callSubmission of geometry to the GPU for rendering.Graphics
dynamic allocationA dynamic allocation of memory occurs at run-time.System
endiannessEndian order (or byte order) refers to the way that larger-than-byte data types are stored in memory (little-endian or big-endian).System
fill rateThe number of pixels that a graphic card can render and write to video memory per second.Graphics
frame bufferMemory buffer that contains the color data for a given frame on the video display.Graphics
geometry instancingA technique to render multiple copies of the same mesh in a single draw call.Graphics
heightmapA heightmap is a texture where pixels have a specific meaning instead of representing color. One common usage of heightmap is to store surface elevation data.Graphics
intrinsic functionAn compiler-optimized function often mapped to a CPU operation. Often used for vectorization and parallelization.System
introspectionThe ability of a program to examine the type of an object at run-time.Programming
keyframeA frame on a timeline where an object's state can be explicitly set.Animation
layerIn 2D, ordered elements that can be grouped, stacked, and rearranged.Graphics
letterboxingA technique where black bars are placed at the top and bottom of a screen image.Graphics
little-endian architectureArchitecture used by the x86 CPU. In a little-endian system, the least-significant portion of the value is stored in the lowest memory storage address.System
MetalA low-level, low-overhead 3D graphic and computing API developed by Apple for macOS and iOS.Graphics
normalizedIn mathematics, a normalized vector is multiplied by a constant factor.Mathematics
OpenGLOpen Graphics Library is a cross-language, cross-platform API for rendering 3D graphics.Graphics
orthogonalIn mathematics, orthogonal vectors are mutually perpendicular.Mathematics
orthonormalIn mathematics, both orthogonal and normalized.Mathematics
path tracingA rendering algorithm similar to ray tracing that uses random sampling to incrementally compute a final image.Graphics
pipelineA series of processes or functional blocks that describe data flow.Programming
pivot pointIn 2D, the point around which an object is transformed.Mathematics
quadtreeA special type of tree data structure used in spatial partitioning. It recursively divides a space into four quads of the same size.Graphics
ray tracingA rendering algorithm in which rays are cast from a virtual camera and traced through a simulated scene.Graphics
reflectionThe ability of a program to perform introspect at run-time, and modify its data structures.Programming
render frameAn individual frame rendered by a program.Graphics
render passA phase of rendering in which rendering commands are recorded.Graphics
serializationThe ability of a program to load and save its data structures to memory or to an external storage.Programming
static allocationA static allocation of memory is determined at compile time. The memory is allocated before the program starts.System
stencil bufferMemory buffer that can store per-pixel information. Its use is application-specific.Graphics
textA text file is a file stored in text format. It is a structured as a sequence of lines of text.System
thread groupA logical collection of executing threads grouped together and treatable as a single entity.System
tilingProcess by which scene rendering is performed multiple times on subsections of the final render target dimensions.Graphics
title safe areaThe inner rectangle within a percentage of the X and Y screen resolution where critical visuals are displayed.Graphics
variadic macroIn C++, a macro function that accepts a varying number of arguments.Programming
vectorizationProcess one operation on multiple pairs of operands at once. Often used for high-performance vector math.System
viewportA 2D rectangle into which a 3D scene is projected. The viewport limits the visible area of a scene.Graphics
VulkanA low-level, low-overhead cross-platform 3D graphic and computing API developed by the Khronos Group.Graphics
world streamingWorld streaming refers to the the process of loading sections of the world into memory while the player moves throughout the world.Game
CMakeA cross-platform, open-source application for managing the build process.Programming